GSM-1 Text Message Notification Dialer

A GSM text message dialer module designed for use with the ERL-10 Kit 1-2

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2 alarm levels (Red and Yellow)
All Clear output (Green)
Fault output
Stores up to 500 numbers
Controlled by SMS commands
Pre-wired for simple hookup to ERL-10



The GSM-1 connects directly to the ERL-10 Programmable Relay Module to send SMS messages automatically when local lightning is detected without the need of a computer or laptop after the ERL-10 alarms are configured. The GSM-1 supports over 500 numbers and can be controlled by a single master cell phone by sending SMS commands to add and remove numbers.

In the standard configuration, the ERL-10 receives data from the EFM-100C Electric Field Monitor, when lightning is detected, the relay module will activate a switch which then signals to the GSM-1 to send messages to the numbers programmed into the GSM-1. Once lightning is no longer detected, another message will transmit indicating an all clear status.

A valid GSM/GPRS micro SIM card with a text/data plan from a cell phone provider is required for operation.

Parts Included

GSM-1 Text Message GSM Dialer
Cellular Antenna
Pre-wired connector terminal for ERL-10
Pre-wired EPM-1 power module
1 Din Rail
1 DIN Rail Clip


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