LD-250 Mobile Detection Kit

Detect and track lightning within milliseconds on the move in a vehicle or marine application.

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The LDGPS receiver will adjust the heading while driving so that strikes are still plotted correctly when the vehicle is not facing north.

For use on a boat, the LDCMP (electronic compass) is required so that the heading does not change when moving laterally.


• Long Range detection up to 300 miles (480km) away
• Designed for mobile use in a moving vehicle or boat with the GPS or Compass connected
• Tracks storm movement
• User set alarms for close storm or severe storm alerts
• Detects lightning when not connected to a PC or Laptop
• Portable and can be connected to Desktop or Laptop USB or Serial COM port
• No online or recurring charges
• Display software is compatible with all current Windows operating systems
• Quick and easy setup

Parts Included

LD-250 Receiver
Lightning Antenna
ENC-2 Outdoor Antenna Enclosure
15 Feet (4.5m) of Antenna Cable
Garmin GPS/FluxGate Compass
120V/220V AC Power Supply
12VDC Automobile Power Cord
USB-RS232 Adapter Cable
DB9 Serial Cable
Lightning Display Software (Windows)
User Manual


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