Multi corer 8 x Ø110 mm

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This multi corer is used for sampling in chemical, geo-chemical and biological applications. The coring head is hydraulically damped to ensure undisturbed samples. Quick change of tubes assures a high operational speed.

Operating depths:
Full ocean depth (6000 m).

8 core tubes, Ø110 mm, length 800 mm, penetration depth: 500 mm

A multi-corer with detachable legs, gyro-suspension, 8 pcs of polycarbonate tubes 800 mm long, Ø110 x 2,5 mm, and 6 pcs of weights, each 10 kg, and a hydraulic damper.
The multi-corer is made of laser-cut AISI 316 stainless steel plate.

The multi-corer rack, slide part, hydraulic damper, weight station and top and bottom plates are gyro-hinged, which secures vertical penetration of the sample tubes into the sediment.

The rack: 6 inclined, detachable legs made of square AISI 316 stainless steel tubes 40 x 40 x 3 mm, are held together by 6 pcs of Ø15 mm horizontal steel bars mounted beneath.

Each leg has a welded foot-plate, Ø320 mm with 8 holes Ø60 mm.

Total height of the rack: 2,12 m
Bottom diameter of the rack: 2.40 m

Max. weight: 550 kg

Mode of operation:
The top of each sample tube has a spring-loaded lid, which is in open position during the sample taking. For each core, a spring loaded horizontally placed plate is mounted at the bottom plate and when the sampling is completed, they are pressed in position under the sample tubes. At the same time, the 6 top-lids close. Both will function to secure the sample.
The core tubes are attached by a double lock-clamp and a close-fitting device, giving a good fastening and a quick change of tubes.

Weight station:
At the top of the corer is a weight station with a capacity of 30 pcs 10 kg lead weights. (Optional)
Click to see manual (pdf – 549 Kb) or right-click, “save target as”

The multi-corer is developed in co-operation with associate professor Bo Thamdrup and Ph.D. student Uffe Thomsen, Danish Center of Earth System Science (DCESS), Institute of Biology, University of Southem Denmark.


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