Polarization Maintaining Fiber – Corning Panda PM Fiber – 1550nm – 250µm


Corning 1550nm 9/125/250µm polarization maintaining fiber with 250µm dual acrylate coating. This PM fiber is based on Panda stress applying structure which was invented and patented by Corning. Corning has a manufacturing partnership with Fujikura Ltd.

Working wavelength: 1550nm. Mode field diameter: 10.5+/1 µm.

Corning's PANDA PM Specialty Fibers, designed with the best polarization maintaining properties in the world today, offer low attenuation and excellent birefringence for high performance applications. Available in a wide range of standard operating wavelengths up to 1550 nm, and with a variety of different coating designs, Corning PANDA PM Specialty Fibers are optimal for high performance polarization retaining fiber applications. This field-proven fiber supports high growth applications, and performs well over a wide temperature range. In addition, PANDA PM fiber is available with High numerical Aperture, Reduced Claddings (80 µm), Low Birefringence, Erbiµm-doped and Dispersion Shifted designs as well as Polyimide and Flame Retardant Coating options.

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High performance transmission laser pigtails
Polarization-based modulators
High-data-rate communications systems
Polarization-sensitive components
Raman amplifiers
Fiber optic sensors, gyroscopes and instrµmentation


Extremely high birefringence
Excellent polarization maintaining properties
Low attenuation
Single-mode designs from 400 – 1550 nm
Dual-layer UV acrylate and 900 µm nylon and silicone coatings available
Low sensitivity to bending-induced attenuation

The Corning PANDA PM Specialty Fiber design uses two stress applying parts to create an extremely high birefringence, resulting in fiber with excellent polarization maintaining properties. This design was invented and patented by Corning Incorporated. Corning continues to have a manufacturing partnership with Fujikura Ltd.


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