Analog Output boards

16-Channel 16-Bit Differential High-Speed PCI Analog Output Board With 450,000 Samples per Second per Channel, 66 MHz PCI Support, and Selectable Reconstruction Filters

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16 Precision 3-Wire Balanced Differential High-Speed Analog Output Channels
16-Bit Resolution; D/A Converter per Channel
Dual Selectable 8th-Order Reconstruction Filters on All Outputs
66MHz PCI Bus Support
Data Rates to 450K Samples per Second per Channel; 7.2 MSPS Aggregate Rate
Software-Selectable Output Ranges of ±10V or ±5V Full Scale at 5mA with High-Level Option, or ±2.5V or ±1.5V at 30mA with High-Current Option
Supports 50-Ohms Loads on ±1.5V Output Range
Optional 2-Wire Single-Ended Analog Outputs
256K-Sample Output Data FIFO Buffer; Configurable as Open or Circular
Simultaneous or Sequential Output Clocking
Multiboard Synchronization Compatibility with Other GSC I/O Products
Continuous and Burst (One-Shot) Output Modes Support Seamless Waveform Sequencing
Data Rate Controlled Internally or Externally
Software-Selectable Differential Clock I/O for Synchronizing Sigma-Delta A/D Boards
High Accuracy Ensured by On-Demand Autocalibration of all Channels
Remote Ground Sensing

New Feature

Call for availability of a conduction cooled (CCPMC) version of this board.Industrial temperature versions are available for all products.CE Certification Available – Call factory for status.


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