ERL-10 Lightning Relay Module

Programmable Relay module designed for use with the EFM-100

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1, 2 or 3 alarms levels (Red, Red/Yellow, Red/Orange/Yellow)
All Clear output (Green)
Fully configurable alarm distances, durations and high electric field levels
20 miles / 32 km range
High electric field alarm warns of conditions where first strike is more likely to occur
Coincidence Mode virtually eliminates false alarms
Fault output indicates status of the system
Status Monitor software shows current alarm state and minutes:seconds until All Clear
USB port for configuration and/or Status Monitor software
RS-485 output for transmitting status messages to other equipment and/or to a distant Status Monitor computer
Optional RS-485 data connection between sensor and ERL-10 for remote mounted EFM-100 sensor



The ERL-10 receives data from the EFM-100 Electric Field Mill short-range sensor (<20 miles/32 km) and a LD-250 long range lightning detector. It constantly monitors for lightning and activates its timed relay outputs when lightning is detected. Up to three alarms can be configured, referred to as Red, Orange, and Yellow Alert levels. The green All Clear state is entered when no lightning has been detected within the configured time period.

When the ERL-10 is first turned on, it enters Survey Mode where it looks for lightning. After several minutes without lightning (configurable but typically 10-20 minutes) the system enters the All Clear state. The green All Clear light on the ERL-10 illuminates and the All Clear relay output activates.


Coincidence Mode

With Coincidence Mode enabled, a lightning strike must be detected by both the EFM-100 and the LD-250 in order for an alarm to activate. This virtually eliminates false alarms that could be caused by persons, animals, insects, etc. near the EFM-100 sensor. Coincidence Mode is only applicable within the range of the EFM-100 (0-20miles/0-32km).


Status Monitor

The ERL-10 Status Monitor software (included) allows the system status and countdown timers to be displayed. Countdown timers clearly indicate the number of minutes until All Clear. Alarm activations are timestamped and logged to disk. Graphical log file viewing software is also included.

Parts Included

ERL-10 EFM Relay Output Module
120/220V AC Power Supply
6 Foot USB Cable
DIN Rail Clip


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