ERL10-GSM1 Auto SMS Text Message Alert Package

A complete SMS text message alert package that sends text messages to your phone (up to 500 numbers) when nearby lightning or high electric fields are detected.



2 alert levels (Red and Yellow)
All Clear alert (Green)
Fault alert
Store up to 500 numbers
Add or remove phone numbers by SMS command
Pre-wired and tested for simple one cable plug in from EFM-100 sensor



The GSM-1 SMS Text Message Dialer is pre-wired to the ERL-10 Programmable Relay Module so SMS text messages are automatically sent when local lightning is detected.   The GSM-1 allows over 500 phone numbers and can be controlled using a cell phone using SMS commands to add and remove numbers.  A laptop USB connection can be used to adjust ERL-10 alarm thresholds and timers using the provided software.

In the standard configuration, the ERL-10 receives data from the EFM-100C Electric Field Monitor sensor.  When lightning is detected, the relay module signals to the GSM-1 to send text messages to the cell phone numbers programmed into the GSM-1. Once lightning is no longer detected another message will transmit indicating an all clear status.   Lightning alert distance thresholds, high electric field thresholds and time to All Clear are completely configurable.

A valid GSM/GPRS micro SIM card with a text plan from a cell phone provider is required for operation.

Parts Included

Inverted EFM-100 (pre-assembled ready to mount on pole)
Pre-wired and tested DIN mounted GSM-1 / ERL-10 / EPM-1 (or EFA-21) modules
100 feet / 30 meters of sensor cable (up to 200 feet / 60 meters optional)
IP68 rated enclosure with transparent cover
120V US or 100-240V Universal Power Supply (12VDC operation is possible for solar installations)


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