Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter


Split second decisions in the field leave no time for guesswork. Get every environmental condition in seconds.

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Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter Overview
Split second decisions in the field leave no time for guesswork. Get every environmental condition in seconds with the affordable, reliable Kestrel 3500. The Kestrel 3500 pocket weather meter is a rugged, multi-function wind and weather meter that measures all the environmental variables, including wind speed, that you need to calculate accurate ballistic solutions and train your environmental insight at the range. Designed to be your trouble-free companion, the Kestrel 3500 comes with a hard, rubberized slip-on cover that protects the display and impeller, even when tossed in your range bag or pack. Don’t settle for an Asian-made weather meter of questionable accuracy – step up to Kestrel for guaranteed accuracy and reliability that’s designed and built in the USA.

Note: The Kestrel 3500 in Olive Drab with NV has a night-vision preserving backlight which helps users to sustain natural night vision. The NV’s backlight incorporates an optical filter to reduce overall brightness and minimize blue and green spectrum light to preserve night vision. Additionally, NV backlights are also much dimmer than a standard backlight, making it more difficult to detect with the naked eye in night operations. This backlight appears soft greyish pink, not red, and is still in the visible spectrum, so is not compatible with night-vision equipment.

It takes 30 to 45 minutes for the average eye to adapt to darkness and maximize night vision. Even a short burst of white, yellow, green or blue light “bleaches out” the rod cell photoreceptors in the eye and causes night blindness until the entire adaptation process can take place again. Light in the red spectrum does not cause this “bleaching out”, preventing night blindness and night vision fatigue.

Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters are designed & manufactured in the U.S.A and are backed by our 5-year warranty. Innovatively designed for stability and accuracy in abrupt condition changes. Rugged and durable, Kestrels are drop tested, waterproof and designed to float if dropped in water.



  • 3-Button Control
  • Backlight blue white
  • Data Hold Function
  • Date & Time
  • Drop-Tested to MIL-STD-810G
  • Field Humidity Calibration/Correction Routine
  • Floats
  • Hard Slip-On Protective Cover
  • High Contrast, Sunlight Readable Monochrome LCD Display
  • Minimum/Maximum/Average Reading
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor (Patented External Isolated)
  • Waterproof to IP67 (3’/1M for 30 minutes)




  • Battery – 1 x CR2032
  • Certificate Of Conformity (Spec Sheet)
  • Instructions
  • Lanyard
  • Protective Cover – Hard Slip-on



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