Serial I/O

Eight Channel High Performance Serial I/O PCI CARD Featuring Multi-Protocol Serial I/O with Software Configurable Cable Transceivers and 32k byte FIFO Buffers (512k byte total)

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Four Lane PCI Express (PCIe4) Interface
Eight Independent Multiprotocol Serial Channels
Serial Mode Protocols include Asynchronous, Monosync, Bisync, SDLC, HDLC, Nine-Bit, and IEEE 802.3
Synchronous Serial Data Rates up to 10 Mbits/sec
Asynchronous Serial Data Rates up to 1 Mbit/sec
Independent Transmit and Receive FIFOs for each Serial Channel �32k byte each
Multi-protocol Transceivers support RS422 (V.11)/RS485, RS423 (V.10), RS232 (V.28), V.35, and RS530A
Parity and CRC detection capability
Programmable Oscillators provide increased flexibility for exact Baud Rate Clocks
Low Force Helix (LFH) type 160 pin front edge I/O Connector Four Independent RS422/RS485/RS232 Serial Channels
Eight signals per channel, configurable as either DTE or DCE: 3 Serial Clocks (TxC,RxC,AuxC), 2 Serial Data signals (TxD,RxD), CTS, RTS, and DCD.
Unused signals may be reconfigured as general purpose IO.
Fast RS422/RS485/V.35 Differential Cable Transceivers Provide Data Rate up to 10Mbps
RS423 and RS232 Cable Transceivers Provide Data Rate up to 230kbps
Industry Standard Zilog Z16C30 Multi-Protocol Universal Serial Controllers (USC�)
Optional cable adapter to eight DB25 connectors
A variety of device drivers are available, including VxWorks, Windows, WinCE, Linux, and Labview
Industrial Temperature Option Available

New Feature

Call for availability of a conduction cooled (CCPMC) version of this board. Industrial temperature versions are available for all products. CE Certification Available – Call factory for status.


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