The HAPS frame supported corer is highly suitable for taking well defined, virtually undisturbed seafloor samples of soft and hard sediments. The corer may be adapted to all types of sediments while providing accurate sampling. It has high stability and it is easy to maintain and to operate. Using its large supportive base, the HAPS finds itself a stable sampling position even in the most adverse conditions – such as operating in swell seas or on a sloping seabed. The HAPS may be customized for various sampling conditions simply by adding or removing lead weights at specific points along the frame. For hard sediments sampling, extra lead weights are required to be mounted at the top of the steering bar (up to 9 weights of 4.40 pounds each). To increase the HAPS stability, pairs of 22 pounds lead weights can be mounted on the lower section of the frame. For overall weight increases (up to 1`4 lead weights of 11.0 pounds each) may be added at the middle of the frame on top of the tube holder.


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