Multi corer 4 x Ø60 mm

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This multi corer is used for sampling in chemical, geo-chemical and biological applications. Quick change of tubes assures a high operational speed.

Operating depths:
Full oceanographic depth but recommended for shallow water because of its small footprint. Standard delivery comes with 2 detachable plates for better stability.

4 core tubes, PMMA, Ø60/52 mm, length 500 mm.
Penetration depth: 400 mm, approx.

The multi corer comes with a hydraulic damper for a smooth penetration, reducing the shock wave.

Bottom frame: 95 x 67 cm.
Bottom frame with footplates: 95 x 110 cm.
Height of the rack: 170 cm.
Storage: 85 x 67 x 130 cm.

Adjustable penetration depth:
Stepless adjustment (optional). The steeples adjustment bracket, order number 70.006, can be mounted on the centre of the corer, giving the user the ability to decide their own depth of penetration of the sea-bed.

Weight, standard, without weights: 90 kg.
Weight, standard with 4 weights: 130 kg.
With max. qty. of weights: 210 kg.

Adjustable piston rod (13.003), for ejecting the sample, fraction tray (13.006) used for slicing the sample and rubber bungs and caps for securing the samples while it’s in its tube, can be provided as well.

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