LRX-1 Lightning Network Detector

The LRX-1 is a high precision / high accuracy lightning network detector that delivers strike data to up to three separate servers within milliseconds of a strike occurrence.

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The LRX-1 Lightning Network Detector allows users to create a lightning detection network or join the developmental Boltek Lightning Detection Network (BLDN). In the usual configuration, data from multiple distributed lightning detectors is sent over the internet to a central server for processing. Once the exact strike location is calculated the data is both stored in a database on the server and sent back over the internet to live display clients. Static and animated lightning maps can also be created for display on a web site.


High accuracy timing GPS and signal capture
Can be configured with up to three independant servers
Remote administration and firmware updates
Weatherproof and UV resistant sensor
Does not require a PC for data transmission

Parts Included

LRX-1 Lightning Network Detector
ANT-50 Lightning Sensor / GPS
Pole Mount Bracket / Mast for ANT-50
120VAC or 100-240VAC Power Supply
100Ft (30m) CAT5 Cable for ANT-50 Lightning Sensor
100Ft (30m) CAT5 Cable for ANT-50 GPS
6Ft (1.8m) CAT5 Cable for Network


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