Peristaltic pump 6-18 Channel

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Peristaltic pump with 6 or 12 channels, extendable up to 18 channels. Pressure compensated for 6000 m depth.

Additional modules:
Standard delivery (11.350) comes with 6 channels. Extendable by adding modules with 3 or 6 channels each.

14 ml/min/each channel rated at 10 rpm., using a tube of OD/ID of 4/3 mm. Depending on diameter of inner tube and revolutions.

Power supply:
Recommended power supply: 10-24 Volt DC. Driven by a 24 Volt DC mini motor (Swiss made).

The wall must have a thickness of 0,5 mm. Inner diameter between 1,5 and 3 mm.

Prepared for mounting of encoder for programming the volume of water.


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